Dear Business Owner:

Mont Cessna from Marketing Hackers here.

Marketing Hackers is a media website and digital consultancy focused on results. We know a thing or two about marketing online.

We have more than 15 years combined experience in digital marketing, from copywriting, to split testing, to development to media buying to auditing, and everything in between.

One of the biggest problems business owners face is not just results, but measuring and analyzing those results.

Services Offered:

  • Statically valid split testing
  • Experience handling email automation with measurable results for list sizes over 90,000.
  • Media buying with experience spending more than a million dollars a year
  • UI/UX design and testing with statistically valid analysis
  • Website and general operations management
  • Market segmentation and written/statistical validation
  • No bullshit--few things hurt the bottom line more than a "yes-man"
  • All the gaps in between

I hope the information we provide is invaluable to you. If you'd like a private, confidential consultation, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you promptly.


Mont Cessna

What people say about the Marketing Hackers:

Mont wore multiple hats expertly at The Cheat Sheet, and was a resourceful, intelligent and smart digital marketer for us. Among his various roles at the company, he was tasked with buying traffic and creating and implementing paid social media strategies. He was very effective in this role and helped the website reach previously unscaled traffic heights. Mont was also a competent data analyst and an empathetic, helpful coworker. It was a pleasure coordinating with him on developing our growth strategy, and I recommend him for digital marketing roles that demand thoughtful analysis as well as quick decision-making.

Aabha Rathee Profile ImageAabha Rathee -- Editor in Chief of The Cheat Sheet

Mont was very easy to work with and did our projects quickly. Thank you!

Angel Ostroff Profile ImageAngela Ostroff -- Founder of Bearly Marketing

Mont did a great job managing our Facebook campaigns, as well as thinking up systems beyond the scope of the initial job posting. He's reliable, trustworthy, and communicative.

Evonne Kyd Profile ImageEvonne Kyd -- Director of Operations at Matador Solutions LLC

Another solid article from Mont. Would hire again and would recommend.

Scott Stryker Profile ImageScott Stryker -- Director of Membership & Communications at NASE

Great communicating at all levels of project and offering availability for check-ins!

Kristy West Profile ImageKristy West -- Founder of BraveSpace

Mont has produced some excellent work and also provide some advice and support on some areas which are not my strength. Although difficult on the time difference we managed to get a lot done and get the task done and more some. If you are looking for help for anything Social Media or PR/Marketing related Mont is your man.

James Anderson Profile ImageJames Anderson -- Founder of Brunchy


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