Creating WordPress Posts from Data in a Spreadsheet with WP All Import

You’ve setup your website with Yoast for SEO, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, filled out your homepage, about section and setup your contact forms. Maybe you’ve even setup AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to give your SEO an additional boost. Now it is time to get some content in in the form of posts. Let’s say you have a list of data to import. For Brunchy, I had a lot of data on different deals and bars. To speed up the process dramatically, I used WP All Import. Here in this post I’ll show you how I’m importing the list of doctors into

  1. Get your data together in your spreadsheet program. For this we used Google Sheets. Also put in descriptive headers.
  2. Export to your computer in a CSV file. Both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets can easily do this with Save As. WP All Import likes CSV files, which are just spreadsheet files in a generic format, kind of like RTF or something for text.
  3. Install WP All Import into your WordPress installation and activate it.
  4. Go to the WordPress dashboard and on the left-hand side select “All Import > New Import.”
  5. Choose “Upload a file” and then select your CSV file on your computer.
  6. Since this is your first import to your website, the default settings of “New Items” and “Create new Posts” are good.
  7. The next step will be to arrange your data with the visual editor–drag and drop.
  8. Make sure you’ve fleshed out the fields with your data and keep SEO in mind.
  9. Run the import.
  10. Congratulations! You’ve created a post for each entry in your spreadsheet file, Yoast and AMP work with each one, and your SEO rankings should shoot up!

Have a question or better process? Let me know in the comments.

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