Sample Digital Marketing Plan

This is a sample draft digital marketing plan I wrote. All identifying information has been redacted. I hope you find it useful!


REDACTED is REDACTED’s business improv training and consulting business. The goal of this plan is to develop REDACTED’s digital presence, and generate leads for potential clients–both individuals and businesses. just launched, along with a number of related social media profiles. This plan outlines goals and the methods to achieve them through August 2018.


The main objectives of this plan for the next three months are developing REDACTED’s SEO rankings, developing local awareness about REDACTED, and developing REDACTED’s social media presence. Hitting 400 visits a day in August would mean approximately 12,000 visits a month. If only 1% of those visits convert to a consulting or workshop job for you, that’s 120 clients a month. I am not sure of your ROI but I assume that would cover all your website and marketing costs each month, plus more.


Organic Digital Marketing Channel Goals June 2018 July 2018 August 2018
Website (total) ~100 visits a day ~200 visits a day ~400 visits a day
SEO ~50 visits a day ~100 visits a day ~200 visits a day
Direct ~25 visits a day ~50 visits a day ~100 visits a day
Social ~25 visits a day ~50 visits a day ~100 visits a day
Social Media (total) ~1,500 total followers ~3,000 total followers ~6,000 total followers
Facebook 200 followers 400 followers 800 followers
Twitter 1,200 followers 2,400 followers 4,800 followers
Instagram 50 followers 100 followers 200 followers
LinkedIn 15 followers 30 followers 60 followers
YouTube 50 followers 100 followers 200 followers


Competitor Analysis

(by client)

Worldwide Competition

1-Second City Works-One of the of the bigger brands out there-mainly because they are able to ride the Second City reputation. Worked here for a year and from what I can tell my biggest advantage is they charge a shit ton for work I can do for ½ the price. They are not very progressive with marketing and we can really do a lot to outshine them with with progressive and consistent marketing online.

2-Business Improv- well respected brand and does a decent job with social selling-he wrote a book and that helps.


This one is a similar model to mine-a woman founded and delivering on real workplace topics.


I shared this guy with you early on-another great comparison to my one-woman show model. He does a great job with video and social selling.

LOCAL-Atlanta Competition-Would like to be sure from a local standpoint I am owning the same spaces they are in for marketing and promotions.


Google Analytics

Google Tracking ID


Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)

Bing Webmaster Tools

<meta name=”msvalidate.01″ content=”REDACTED” /> inserted in header

Social Media Management Tools

Posting — Buffer

All setup with posts scheduled through Wednesday.

Social Media Verification

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Created Google Brand page REDACTED

. Will use for youtube as well.

Advertisement Remarketing

Google AdWords (need account)

Facebook (setup)

<!– Facebook Pixel Code –>







fbq(‘init’, ‘REDACTED’);

fbq(‘track’, ‘PageView’);


<noscript><img height=”1″ width=”1″ style=”display:none”




<!– End Facebook Pixel Code –>


Reviews by everyone, all page like invitations, etc. Facebook, Google+, Yelp

Recommendations by Channels


Search Engine Optimization will drive the majority of the visits to your website once Google has finished indexing your website. The process is about 50% complete already. I recommend a new blog post of around 400 words each week. This will also provide fresh content to post on social media. Besides backlinks, Google primarily uses three other metrics to determine a website’s rank in search results. These are how long a website has been up (we can’t do anything about that but wait), how quickly it loads (the website is loading quickly but there are still optimizations that can be implemented), and how much relevant content the site has (weekly blog posts can help that). (to see how quickly the page loads for Google)

Optimization results:

Mobile  65 / 100

Desktop 74 / 100

Google does not yet have “real-world data” for analyzing how fast the pages load for actual users yet. It lists a number of recommendations however that your developer can implement if you wish. Personally, the page loads very quickly for me on desktop.

SEMRush Site Audit for SEO

SEMRush rates the website at 77%. There are a number of link problems, some the JavaScript and CSS on the page is larger than 2MB, and some images do not have alt tags set.


Backlinking is when a website page links to another website page. Any links from another website that point to a page on are backlinks. Google uses the number of backlinks and the popularity of websites sending the backlinks to determine the SEO ranking of websites. Basically, the more backlinks a website has, and the more popular the websites sending the backlinks, the higher the website ranks on Google Search for any search keywords it is eligible to appear on. Backlinks are invaluable to drive organic traffic to a website.


Wikipedia is on the most popular websites in the world, and backlinks it sends are especially valuable. It would greatly help rank higher on Google if we could create Wikipedia pages for both REDACTED and REDACTED. The pages could be very short. They only need to have the most basic information and then link back to in the related links sections of the pages. The editorial requirements to publish a page on Wikipedia are three authoritative sources such as newspaper articles, etc.


Yelp is the most popular business review website in the world (that hasn’t been bought by Google already). Its rankings show up in Google search results. Creating a Yelp profile and then having your devout fans give REDACTED positive ratings will help it move up the Google Search rankings and also put potential clients’ minds at ease when they are planning on booking you or signing up for a workshop. I’ve created a Yelp account for your business and you should receive an email from them confirming.


Publishing the full text of your blog posts to with a backlink to the original article on your website can help increase its visibility in search results. I recommend publishing all your content to a REDACTED Medium profile.


LinkedIn’s article features can also be used to generate backlinks like Medium. I recommend publishing all your content to your personal LinkedIn profile as articles, then having the REDACTED business page share them.

Google+ Brand Page

I have already posted all blog content to the Google+ brand page.


Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. I recommend starting to post all of your content to applicable Reddit groups.

SEO Keyword Research







Professional Development

Organizational Development

Talent Development



Soft Skills

Human to Human Skills


Change Management

Sales Skills

Leadership Skills


Executive Presence

Presentational Skills

Thinking on your Feet

Off Script




Team Building




Others Focuse

Employee Engagement






Business Consultant

Business Consulting

Work Evangelist




REDACTED Consulting

REDACTED Education


Learning and Development


Human Resources

Job Training

Emotional Intelligence

Titles matched to Topics for Ads and Social Media Tags:

Targeted Titles:


Sales Directors

VP of Sales

Sales Managers

Diversity & Inclusion

Talent Development

People Development

Head of Talent

Culture Director


Talent Manager

Event Planner

Director of Events

Events Director

Conference Planner

Training Manager

Training Director

Targeting Campaigns:

Target Audience-All Sales Related Titles

Topics=Sales Skills, Human to Human Skills, Authenticity, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Storytelling, Confidence, Getting off-script, Nimble Quick, Confidence, Listening, Resourceful

Target Audience-Leaders, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs

Topics-Improv for Start Ups, Leadership Skills, Authenticity, Change, Innovation, Creativity, Trust, Empowerment, Pitching and Storytelling, Personal Branding

Target Audience-Talent Development, L&D, HR

Topics- Collaboration, Communication, Team Building, Inclusive Cultures, Teamwork, Human to Human Skills, Respect, Civility, People Skills, Creativity

Target Audience-All Event, Meeting and Conference Planning

Topics-Engagement, Improvisation, Experiential, Fun, Comedy, Different, Connects People, Laughter

Target Audience– D&I, Diversity and Inclusion, Inclusion Leaders, Culture Directors, HR

Topics: Inclusive Cultures, D&I, Collaboration, Other’s Focused, Team Building, Diverse workforce

Organic Social Media Channels

Posting 2 blog post per day to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels, repeating 6x for a total of 60 days. Scheduled with Buffer. All blog posts will be published to Google+ immediately for the backlinks and SEO/indexing help.

Each weekly video (~1 min long) will also be posted to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as videos for each specific platform, with links back to the website


91 likes (5/17/2018)

Google+ Business and Brand:


1 subscriber (5/17/2018)


32 followers (5/17/2018)


1168 followers (5/17/2018)


8 followers (5/17/2018)

Paid Advertising


I propose starting with a $5 a day budget in June, targeting people within 20 miles of you. Goal for cost per click is ~$0.10. The ads will promote your most popular blog content. I prefer Facebook ads that use your website content, as they result in visits to the website, while still reaching people on Facebook via likes, comments and shares. They can also generate page likes.


I propose starting with a $5 a day budget in June, targeting people within 20 miles of you. Goal for cost per click is ~$0.20. I would target people searching for select keywords and send them to a landing page to contact you about your workshops and consulting.


The cost for LinkedIn advertising can be much higher than Facebook and AdWords. I recommend testing this in July with a low budget and a coupon (I receive one almost every month via email) to see what groups of professionals are best targeted.


Remarketing is the process by which you can target ads to people who have already visited your website. Both Facebook and Google have tracking codes that go on a website, which then allow you to target those visitors with their ads. While this won’t be useful until we have around 10,000 total visitors, I have already placed Facebook’s tracking code on the site. We need to create a business account for Google AdWords to do the same with that.

Public Relations

PR can help generate buzz for a business or brand. Journalists also love press releases because they give them something to write about. If you do not already have a press release for the launch of REDACTED, I would write one then submit it to every print, audio and visual news company within 100 miles, and also business trade publications. The goal would be to get enough print to get Wikipedia articles, backlinks and interviews for you.


An aggressive (2x) a day social media posting schedule, weekly blog posts, and weekly video posts will generate enough social media buzz to keep growing each social profile’s following.

I recommend taking a group picture after each presentation or class, inviting everyone who attended to find your social media profiles and tag themselves in the picture. I also recommend inviting everyone you instruct to also leave a positive review about REDACTED on the Google+ Business Page, Facebook page and Yelp pages. These will quickly move the REDACTED social profiles up the Google Search rankings. The goal by the end of August is to have as the top search result for the search “REDACTED” in the US and especially Georgia.

I also recommend writing and submitting a press release about the launch of to all local media outlets. Radio interviews, newspaper interviews (even TV interviews), and writeups in trade publications will generate more website and social media visits to the business pages over the course of a year than than a $10,000 advertising budget.

In the next couple of weeks, the SEO for the page will start generating web traffic we can track in Google Analytics and Search console, letting us know how people came to the website, what keywords they were searching for, etc.

Recommended Work Breakdown


Monitor Google Analytics and SEO performance each week (~30 minutes each week)

Publish all blog content to Medium as backlinking articles (~1 hours one time)

Fix SEO errors on site that SEMRush identified (~2 hours one time)

Google AdWords and Facebook ads (~1 hour a week)

SWOT (~2 hours one time)


Monitor Google Analytics and SEO performance each week (~30 minutes each week)

Google AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook ads (~1 hour a week)


Monitor Google Analytics and SEO performance each week (~30 minutes each week)

Google AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook ads (~1 hour a week)


Mont Cessna on LinkedinMont Cessna on Twitter
Mont Cessna
Mont has 10+ years experience in digital marketing. Experienced with LAMP, CMS and HTML5/CSS3 website development, Mont also excels at math and C/C++/C#. He has managed multi-million dollar media buys though Outbrain, Facebook, Taboola, Yahoo Native, Google AdWords and a number of other display advertising vendors. Mont's written work has regularly appeared on the first page of Google News results and the homepage of Yahoo! He has a B.Sc. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Drexel University.